Quercus lobata

Quercus lobata

valley oak



  • Largest of all oaks in North America (100 feet tall with trunks 6 to 7 feet in diameter)
  • Roots go very deep to reach water so they can survive the hot summers in the Central Valley
  • Deciduous
  • May develop powdery mildew in summer fog better on the east side of the Bay hills.
  • Found in Bay hills, Diablo, Hamilton, Altamont, Livermore and Byron Hot Springs sections

Brentwood, Briones RP, Clayton, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Diablo north, Orinda, Round Valley RP, Shell Ridge


1 gallon, long 1 gallon, long 5 gallon

bloom season Apr
pollinators Birds
pollinators Butterflies
habitat Chaparral
habitat Coastal scrub
sun Full Sun
soil Good
flower color Inconspicuous
water Low
bloom season Mar
water Mod
soil Moderate
features Nuts
growth habit Spreading
soil Well-drained
dormancy winter

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