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Native Here Nursery is currently closed to the Public due to Corona Virus.

We plan soon to open for pick up only for orders placed in advance and pre-paid.

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Nursery News

Soil Pile Rebuild

About two years ago we began to upgrade our facilities to comply with new nursery standards focused on preventing phytophthora (sudden oak death). Our first projects involved raising our plant benches and sterilizing our soil  We are now starting our next project:  rebuilding our soil pile and volunteer work area.

The new project will separate  “clean” and “dirty” zones in the soil pile and potting area and improve the work flow.  The work will occur in three phases:  soil pile improvements, changes to the potting area layout, and then back to the soil pile to integrate it into the new potting area layout.

The first phase is complete.  We reinforced the area where the bank drops off near the soil pile and laid a new floor that will allow rainwater to drain away.

Per Brashers is heading up this project.  He answered a volunteer request last summer and stayed on to help with whatever needed doing.  It would be very difficult for us to do this project without his skills.

February Update

We are now in the second phase – rebuilding the potting area to make it compliant with phytophthora standards and include some new storage and efficiency features.  We have torn down the volunteer shed which was falling apart.  Our next steps will be to replace the shed with an improved design and rearrange the potting tables around it. 

Unique volunteer opportunities

We have a several ongoing requests for assistance, including one that doesn’t require any plant knowledge, just a desire to help:

  • Sterilizing our potting soil before it’s used
  • Watering our plants through the dry season
  • Grooming our plants to keep them healthy and beautiful

More complete descriptions and contact information are available on the volunteer page

As you may know, our nursery operates and thrives thanks to all our amazing volunteers. We are always welcoming and encouraging new people to come by and join the team! Here are a few things volunteers have been working on and also things we’d love more help with:

  • Potting up plants
  • Watering! We always need people to water the plants, especially during the summer. Please let us know if you’d like to water weekly or even be a substitute for our regulars.
  • Weeding and tending to the areas around the nursery.
  • Grooming our plants to keep them healthy and beautiful

Volunteering is a great opportunity to connect with others that love the outdoors and all the native plants within our communities.  Please let us know if you have any questions about getting involved and feel free to stop by anytime during our open hours!