Poa secunda subsp. secunda

Poa secunda subsp. secunda

one-sided blue grass



  • Perennial grass from 6 inches to 3 feet tall (usually under 2 feet)
  • Flowers early in spring, turns yellow by the end of April
  • Allow to dry in summer, revives with fall or winter rain
  • Sunny, open grassland
  • Found in all sections

Black Diamond Mines RP, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Diablo north


1 gallon, 2 gallon, Deepot

bloom season Apr
bloom season Aug
pollinators Butterflies
habitat Chaparral
growth habit Clumping
sun Full Sun
soil Good
habitat Grassland
flower color Inconspicuous
bloom season Jul
bloom season Jun
water Low
bloom season May
habitat Mixed evergreens
soil Moderate
soil Poor
water Very low
soil Well-drained

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