Alnus rhombifolia

Alnus rhombifolia

white alder


  • Fast growing deciduous tree reaching 20 feet the first year then slower growing the following years
  • Native to moist coastal areas
  • Will grow in wetter areas where other plants can‚Äôt grow
  • Other natives have a difficult time competing under these trees because they are very dense.
  • Thinning may be required
  • Found in Bay Hills, Diablo, Hamilton and Valley sections

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East Bay, Mt. Diablo north


1 gallon

pollinators Bees
pollinators Butterflies
features Cones
sun Full Sun
soil Good
flower color Inconspicuous
water Mod
soil Moderate
growth habit Multi Stemmed
bloom season Nov
bloom season Oct
sun Part Shade
soil Poor
habitat Riparian
bloom season Sep
soil Well-drained
dormancy winter

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