California Native Grasses in the East Bay

Grasslands of California contain a rich mixture of native perennial and annual grasses, and an abundant, showy array of seasonal wildflowers, which are especially spectacular in years with heavy rains.

At present, most native grassland habitat is gone, due to pressure from agriculture and other man-made causes. Grassland plant communities that exist now are largely populated by non-native, annual grasses brought by early Spanish ranchers and other European settlers. Even so, today’s grasslands are still rich with a variety of native plant species and an astounding 90% of California’s rare and endangered plants. There are far more species of wildflowers than grasses in this landscape. Grasses provide habitat for many birds, insects and rodents, as well as for wildflowers.

In the East Bay, beautiful examples of grassland can be found in Mount Diablo, Briones, Carquinez Straits and the Oakland Skyline Prairie, among other locations.

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