Happy Spring!

What’s happening at the nursery?  Right now the checkerblooms and wallflowers are blooming, other plants are getting ready to bloom, and the birds are nesting.  If you’re shopping, our annuals selection is constantly changing – come see what we have for your location.  We also have a “bargain bench” of items at half price (across from the office), as well as reconditioned metal garden labels and stakes.



On January 3, Nursery Manager Amy Leonard resigned to pursue other interests. We wish her well, and hope she will continue to develop her knowledge and interest in native plants.

Native Here will not seek a new Nursery Manager immediately. During the past year, nursery leadership has formed a committee that meets regularly and seeks to address the larger issues of nursery operations—how to best meet the mission of the chapter and the goals of the nursery; how to attract customers and volunteers to learn more about growing and protecting locally native plants; how to implement best practices for phytosanitation.

The ongoing work of the nursery will continue as always. Over the past year or two. Native Here has grown stronger. We have more volunteers—and more volunteer hours—than ever before. We have a delightful cadre of high school, college, and millenial volunteers who have contributed admirably, in community service, internships, and drop-in work. These young people have groomed plants, watered, potted, weeded, cleaned pots—and learned about native plants from the very best. We are so happy to have the energy and fresh minds of these new volunteers. They add to the steady, mindful work of more experienced ones.

Sometimes I think the volunteers at Native Here are like an orchestra—Charli is the concertmaster, with John and his band of seed collectors and cuttings propagators; Shirley leading the watering team (and potting sometimes, too!); Gudrun on bulbs; Penny on maintenance; Steve on cages; Marilyn on cuttings; Sara on potting; Sue on inventory; Yona on signage and potting; and many, many more. Lesley Hunt will lead the Nursery Committee, together with Beth, Delia, Steve, Sue, Charli and Barbara. Saige White is our steady Nursery Assistant, helping with sales and stock.

Native Here is a lovely place, with good energy and lots to learn and do. People are relaxed and friendly, and always generous with their knowledge. There is something new to every visit!

We will all be taking on more responsibilities to cover the management functions, and we welcome anyone who would like to help out. We would especially welcome people who could help with:
1. outreach on the website and Facebook;
2. publicizing the nursery and events;
3. sales procedures;
4. regular watering during the dry months;
5. pot cleaning and phytosanitation;
6. bookkeeping;
7. organizing events;
8. special projects and maintenance.
If you are interested, write to nativehere@ebcnps.org and let us know what you would like to do!

Barbara Leitner, Lesley Hunt, and Charli Danielsen