Lonicera hispidula

Lonicera hispidula

California honeysuckle



  • Climbing vine found in wooded areas
  • Grows in partial or full sun 12 to 18 feet tall
  • Pink flowers in spring attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds
  • Red berries add fall color and are food for wildlife
  • Found in Molate, Bay hills, Diablo and Hamilton sections

Briones RP, Chabot RP, El Cerrito, Kennedy Grove RP, Tilden RP


1 gallon, Dee

pollinators Bees
pollinators Birds
pollinators Butterflies
habitat Chaparral
habitat Coastal scrub
dormancy Evergreen
features Fruits
soil Good
pollinators Hummingbirds
bloom season Jun
water Low
bloom season May
habitat Mixed evergreens
soil Moderate
habitat Oak woodland
sun Part Shade
flower color Pink
soil Poor
habitat Riparian

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