Heterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderi

Heterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderi

Bolander goldenaster



  • Perennial herbaceous plant with a very deep taproot
  • Stays green in summer when native grasses have turned brown
  • Yellow-rayed disk flowers bloom in summer
  • 6 to 12 inches tall
  • Found in Bay hills and Altamont sections
  • also reported in Diablo, Hamilton and Livermore sections
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Albany Hill, Shell Ridge


1 gallon

bloom season Aug
pollinators Bees
pollinators Butterflies
habitat Chaparral
growth habit Creeping
dormancy Evergreen
sun Full Sun
soil Good
habitat Grassland
bloom season Jul
bloom season Jun
water Low
habitat Mixed evergreens
soil Moderate
sun Part Shade
soil Poor
water Very low
flower color Yellow

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