Clinopodium douglasii

Clinopodium douglasii

yerba buena


  • Creeping, low growing, evergreen perennial makes an excellent ground cover
  • Leaves have a delicate mint fragrance can be used for tea
  • Likes some shade and good drainage
  • Thrives with extra watering over dry summers
  • Small white flowers appear in spring attracts native bees
  • Found in Molate, Bay hills, Diablo and Hamilton sections

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Briones RP, Tilden RP


1 gallon

bloom season Aug
growth habit Creeping
sun Full Shade
sun Full Sun
habitat Grassland
bloom season Jul
bloom season Jun
water Low
bloom season May
habitat Mixed evergreens
water Mod
soil Moderate
sun Part Shade
soil Well-drained
flower color White

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