Baccharis pilularis subsp. consanguinea

Baccharis pilularis subsp. consanguinea

coyote brush



  • Low to medium shrub reaching up to 8 feet or more, especially with water
  • Occurs naturally in coastal scrub habitats but likely to thrive in any garden
  • Dioecious (male and female flowers occur on separate plants).
  • Female flowers are white with longer hairs. Male flowers are cream colored with protruding yellow stamens.
  • Shoots arise from the base and may build up dead wood unless pruned at least every three years.
  • Pruning rejuvenates plant and prevents fire hazard.
  • Provides a dense canopy and shelter for rodents, rabbits, birds, as well as other plants.
  • Drought tolerant; evergreen, Attracts insects, wren-tits and white-crown sparrow
  • Found in all sections

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