California Native Trees in the East Bay

Trees or even one tree can define a community of plants or a garden. Foliage density determines light and moisture beneath the canopy. The leafy canopies offer food, safe cover and home to many birds, insects and other wildlife. 

Like other green plants, trees produce oxygen and sequester carbon. They serve as windbreaks and, through evaporation, act as natural air conditioners. They filter and retain water, reducing storm-water runoff. Leaf litter decomposes and returns nutrients to the soil. The fruits (cones, acorns, nuts and berries) provide food for wildlife.

Trees need room. Allow space for large, shallow root systems to be unobstructed. Avoid planting where limbs cross power lines or overhang roofs.

Interested in California native trees for a home garden or restoration project?

Explore our collection of California native trees, grown from ethically collected seeds and cuttings throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

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