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Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour and Plant Sale Extravaganza – May 3rd -4th

We are proud to be hosting the Bay Friendly Garden Coalition on Saturday with a “Lose Your Lawn” workshop, followed by a free tabling with landscape design professionals. The Possum Family Singers will also be playing Americana and Bluegrass in the shade of our native trees. It will be fun for everyone.

Also, please stay tuned for volunteer opportunities. We will need extra help that weekend answering questions, showing customers around, ringing up sales and setting up.


Nursery News

Thank you to our volunteers who turned out for the March 22nd re-potting workday. It was a grand success and we will continue these special workdays for those who want more periodic opportunities. See below for more dates.

Bulbs continue to become available for sale. Gudrun has tended some lovely Allium, Calochortus, Triteleia, Dichelostemma, Toxicoscordion and other bulbs. Feel free to browse, or call ahead for current availability. Each rain we receive this spring I am taking as a blessing. Following the rains in late February, our plants seemed to breathe in a sigh of relief, exhaling it as tender new growth with the warm sunny March days. When you read this article, the late March rains will likely have subsided and we will be back again to rapid growth weather. I have to keep in mind that our reservoirs are low and water conservation is a critical issue to address this coming year. You can do your part by spreading knowledge about low-water using plants, site appropriate plantings, and groundwater re-charging hardscaping.

During the Bringing Back the Natives events this spring we are proud to be hosting a Lose Your Lawn workshop by the Bay Friendly Gardening Coalition at the Nursery. The talk is on Saturday, May 3rd from 10:30 am until 12 pm, followed by free tabling with landscape designers from 12 to 1 pm. Beginning at noon we will also be graced with the lovely Possum Family Singers who will be playing Americana and Bluegrass under the shade of our California wax myrtle/silk tassel/California bay laurel grove. Please join us!

Volunteer Opportunities

• Open hours drop-in help—Fridays potting group, Saturdays maintenance and plant care, Tuesdays inventory and special projects.

• April 19th—Preparation for the Bringing Back the Natives workday from 9:00 to 12:00. There will be plants to spruce up, plants to label, plants to move, plants to admire, and plants to buy before others get to them.

• May 3rd-4th—Help with plant sales when we will be open each day from 10 am – 5 pm for BBtN.

• May 11th—Plant Fair Planning Meeting. We need your help.

• Help with advertising ideas, outreach and education ideas, restoration contract leads, speakers for summer talks, etc. (i.e. “non-nursery” activities).

• What inspires you! Drop in or drop us an email at with an idea.

Theo Fitanides

New Staff

I would like to introduce you to our new part-time staff member, Adam Huggins. Adam is filling part of Margot’s old role, as well as taking care of pressing inventory needs. (A few of you may have met Molly who was with us for a brief time and moved on to another job in the Presidio.)

Adam is a student of ecology, a permaculture designer, and an artist. A Bay native, he has studied, foraged, propagated, grafted, and stalked the native and introduced flora of the west coast from British Columbia to Big Sur. He is delighted to have the opportunity to work at Native Here, and looks forward to continuing to working at the nursery and making new friends who share his love of our native flora.

Theo Fitanides
Native Here Nursery manager