Thanks to a dedicated collecting team a wealth of seeds and cuttings are available to work with. This means that new plants are constantly available for sale; Native Here Nursery is truly a living entity, with a pulse unique to each species we propagate.

Partly due to so much collection, when we sow seeds (usually a few days each month) smaller batches of each species are used, reserving more seed for future months. As the seeds germinate, teams of volunteers pot them into small containers, carefully recording the date last handled. After six weeks or so in small containers plants are ready either to be put out for sale or potted into larger containers. In turn, after six weeks in the larger containers, plants can be put out for sale. By that time, another round of seeds has been sown, generating a “pulse” for each species.

Let’s look at the status of one favorite plant, Sidalcea malviflora: As of the middle of October, there are still some seeds unsown, other seeds germinating, plants with two or more true leaves being potted into 4” containers, and more mature plants in one- and two-gallon containers. Some of the one-gallon and two-gallon plants are on the sales floor, while others are developing stronger root systems. After the October 22-23 sale, there were one-gallon plants ready to restock the sales floor for November.
So if you are looking for a particular plant keep checking our online inventory, which is updated as often as possible, at least monthly. Just because a plant has “sold out” when you visit, does not mean it won’t be available the next month or season. You can also ask staffers to check the inventory of “coming attractions” to estimate when specific taxa will likely be available for purchase.

Want to learn more and be part of this Pulse? Volunteers are always needed to keep this process going. No experience necessary. Just log on to and look for the Volunteer tab.

Collection team: John Danielsen, Lisa Lackey, Jane Kelly, Dave Caniglia, Staci Hobbet, Jennifer Roe, Margot Cunningham, Gudrun Kleist, Beth Keer, Barbara Leitner, Lesley Hunt.

Potting and seed sowing volunteers: Sara Goolsby, Nancy Marriner, Marilyn Reynolds, Jane Kelly, Claudia, Nikki, Courtney , and the energetic student volunteers from Maybeck, Campolindo, Miramonte, Albany and Berkeley High Schools.

Charli Danielsen, Production Manager